Becoming a Member:
We have openings for the 2019 Season. We are working on an online submission form. In the meantime, if you are interested in signing up for a membership, please click on the "Membership Agreement PDF" button below. You may print it and mail it to Club Woodbridge (1013 New Camp Creek Church Road, Kings Mtn, NC 28086) or you may scan and email it to


Annual Rates: 

Family - $495
Senior Family - $445
Single Person - $265
Single Senior - $235
For more information and further detail on the classifications of each group, please see our contract below.
Automatic Bank Draft Option
To maintain affordability, we have recently began offering a monthly recurring bank draft option. In short, this works pretty simply! All you need to enroll is a check, and in the amount field write, "I hereby authorize Club Woodbridge to deduct XX amount (amount depends on which membership best suits you), out of this bank account". From there, we just withdrawl the money on a monthly basis.