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In the event of an emergency:

Dial 911 immediately!

A service phone can be identified by a gray box attached to the fence aside the gate of main entrance inside the pool area, the address is written on the door inside the phone box.



WE ARE A TREE NUT, PEANUT, SEED FREE FACILITY please do not bring nut products on premises.

Products with NUT oils should be used sparingly around other members. Towels must be used when sunbathing on furniture. Secondary contact of nut oils on the water or furniture could/will lead to severe anaphylactic reactions with members suffering from these allergies. THIS IS A MUST! Non compliance could prevent entry, or lead to removal.

​Children under 16 years of age MUST be accompanied by an adult/guardian over 18 years of age at all times. Parents/Guardians may not leave children unattended at the pool(s) or in other areas during visits.

Lifeguards are not babysitters. Do not ask them to watch your children if leaving the area, when smoking or running errands.

Smoking is permitted only in designated areas.

Illegal drugs and the use of are prohibited. Anyone found under the influence will be asked to leave property. Intent to distribute, sell, or found using, or be in possession of will result in immediate termination. 


Normal business hours for swimming 12:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. 7 days a week weather permitting.

Tennis Courts are by appointment only. Call Club for court time reservations.

The club house is accessible to members during regular business hours.

Clubhouse and pools are available for hourly rentals.

POOL:  only non-peak hours during swim season and unrestricted hours for non seasonal rentals.

CLUBHOUSE: will be determined at time of reservation.

Each requires separate rental agreements unless arrangements are made other wise. (Non-members have a different rate than current club members)

​Pool Table​:

Children under 18 must be accompanied by a  parent/guardian when using pool table.

Please do not eat or drink around the pool table.

A sign up sheet will be utilized in peak hours for pool table usage.

Do not sit or place items on the pool table.

When finished with play on pool table; return balls, triangle, cover and sticks.

Chairs/tables (poolside/patio):

Chairs and tables are available on a first come-first serve basis.

Members may not reserve chairs.

If you leave the premises please take your belongings with you.

Please do not leave personal property or food on tables or in designated eating areas.

Tables are not to be saved.

Please remove all food and garbage and police area for spills. Alert staff if assistance is needed.


Please park along New Camp Creek Church road at an angle to maximize space for others. 

Do not block the walkway/sidewalks. Additional parking is available behind tennis courts.

No motorized vehicles are permitted on sidewalks. (golf carts, gas driven scooters or motorcycles)

No skateboarding is allowed in pool area, tennis courts or on sidewalks.

No double parking along road.

​Membership Cards:

Cards are required for access to pool, tennis courts and sport equipment usage.

*Single Membership issued single card, Family Memberships issued up to 4 cards

Lost or stolen cards can be replaced for a fee of $15.00 each.


Guest will be held at same standards as members.

Guest Fees are $7.00 per day, per guest. 

Guests must be with a current member at the time of entry. (Members have preference over guests during peak hours, guests may be refused entry when we are at capacity)


In accordance with state and local health guidelines, at times it may be necessary to close the pools or tennis courts for maintenance and repairs. We will communicate via our website, please check there prior to your visit.

You may also call the club, we will be happy to assist you.

No pets allowed on premises unless medical service animals. Please bring clean up measures for animals.

Be considerate when presenting with animals being sensitive to individuals with animal allergies.



We are a family-friendly business! Profanity and discriminatory comments, gestures will not be tolerated, resulting in immediate removal. Keep it clean and fun while respecting all members and guests.

Please be mindful of your behavior, loud shouting and temper out breaks or physical threats will result in removal.

Keep noise (shouting, screaming, rough play) around the pool to a minimum, as it can become difficult for life guards to hear cries for help, and can be disturbing to other guests and members.

Please bring ear buds or personal headphones while listening to music. If unavailable keep music at a level not found disruptive to others. Profanity or vulgar music is highly discouraged.

Lewd behavior will not be tolerated under any circumstances (i.e. foul language, nudity, intoxication) it will result in immediate removal and could result in termination of membership.



​Appropriate attire and foot wear are required when entering club hose.

Wet swimsuits, wet clothing and bare feet, or spiked athletic shoes are NEVER permitted inside club hose at any time.

Sneakers or tennis shoes are the only allowed foot wear on tennis courts. (No Golf shoes, cowboy boots, flip flops or sandals)

Over revealing clothing or swimwear will be discouraged and not permitted.
Please utilize dressing areas located in the pool area for personal grooming, changing between sports, putting on swim wear or changing back into regular clothing.

Changing in the restrooms located in the club house is prohibited.

Swimmers may not wear cut off jeans, t-shirts or basket ball shorts while swimming. Only appropriate swim shirts and suits, swim trunks will be allowed.

Clothing found to be, sexually explicit, vulgar, and slanderous or racially insulting will not be permitted on premise



​No Smoking in pool area. Smoking permitted in designated areas only.

No dip, snuff allowed in pool area.

No Gum allowed in or around the pool.

No Running, horse-playing, or rough-housing, pushing or shoving.

During COVID restrictions, members pool side seating may be limited to 4hrs in order to meet the needs of all members during peak times, should the need arise we will go to wait list.

Leave stairs, ladders and walkways clear and free of personal items, floats, toys, rafts. Five (5) feet of clear space is a state requirement around  pool.

No personal floats, balls, toys and pool noodles are to be left in pools. Please remove these items at time of exiting pools. They impede water flow and basket function.

Glass containers are prohibited; beverages must be in non breakable containers.

No food or beverages in or immediately around the pools.

​Please eat in designated areas only.

​No climbing on or over the fences.

Please bring to staff/lifeguards attention any issues of concern.

Valuables should be secured. Club Woodbridge will not be responsible for lost, forgotten or stolen items.

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