Swimming Pools

We welcome swimmers of all ages and abilities!


The pool

  • The pool is 75 feet long and 28 feet wide (5 lanes) and 111,000 gallons!

  • It features two diving boards, a high dive and a low dive

  • It varies in depths ranging from 3 feet to 9 feet four inches















The Kiddie Pool

The Kiddie Pool is in an enclosed area and is intended for smaller children. There are also chairs and a table with an umbrella in the enclosure for families















The Terrace 

We have approximately 42 chairs available along with a few tables and umbrellas for dining and socializing. Feel free to bring towels, beverages, food, and even a chair on a crowded day.















The Pool House

The pool house features a men and women's shower room/rest room accessible to all of our members