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Alert guard and Dial 911 immediately!

A service phone can be identified by a gray box attached to the fence aside the gate of main entrance inside the pool area, the address is written on the door inside the phone box.   Everyone must exit the pool.

Emergency Flotation devices are located through out the pool area.

Basic First aid items and EPI pen and proventil rescue inhaler (acute asthma attack) are available, see life guard or staff member.





All Swimmers swim at their own risk.

​Adults are encouraged to swim with other adults in the event an emergency could occur.

No Smoking or dip is allowed in the pool area, tennis courts or club house. Cigarette butts should be properly disposed of (receptacle outside of the pool area, near the back entrance to the clubhouse)

Please do not throw or flick cigarette butts or cigars in the grass areas or other areas of our facilities. This will keep little hands and feet safe and premises clean and sanitary.

No diving in water 3 to 5 feet deep.

​Jumping on flotation devices from side of pool or diving boards is prohibited.

No hanging, pulling or sitting on the rope with buoys.

Please do not tamper or play with hose while water is being added to the pools.


Children are prohibited from throwing rocks from drain beds into the pool. This may result in damage to; pipes, laterals, skimmers and pump baskets or obstruct water flow.

Please do not stick hands in or around skimmer troughs or baskets.

Remove all dive toys, floats, noodles etc. from pool when exiting pools.

Do not jump, sit, hang on or dive from ladders.

Sponge Balls or athletic balls can not be thrown over or around other members in pool areas, unless, consent is given by life guard.

Please keep steps and ladders clear for safe passage entering and exiting pools

Please do not allow children to sit or play on or around steps of pool, or hang on hand rail.

Please take note- All "swimmers" under 16 years of age, must complete a swim test demonstrating swim competency.

Swimmers who do not complete a swim test or fail will not be allowed in water over 3 feet. Swim tests can be repeated if individuals are unable to pass or perform at levels required to pass the test. Parent or guardian(s) must be able to swim for “non-qualified” swimmers to be in water over 3 feet. If neither the child nor adult can swim we ask you stay in 3 foot waters.

Swim floats are not life preservers, if your child is utilizing swim suit floats, or arm floats in the pool parent or guardian(s) are REQUIRED to be in the water with children at all times.

Do not sit poolside while allowing non qualified swimmers to go off diving boards; parent/guardian MUST be in the water below boards. NO EXCEPTIONS. This is a serious offense and could result in loss of swimming privileges.

DIVE WELL/DEEP END: (5ft-9ft area)

One diver allowed on diving board at a time.

Do not hang from the diving board(s).

Floats are not permitted in diving area.

Ensure the dive well is clear of other swimmers before diving.

Dive down. not out. Use both ladders as your guide laterally as a stopping point for diving.

Swimmers MUST swim to same side ladder. Do not swim in front of opposite diving board to exit pool.

No loitering is allowed in the dive well when divers are present.

No rafts or floating rings are allowed when jumping from diving board(s).

Children are discouraged from jumping from diving boards with arm floats and goggles on this could result in injuries, for which we will not be found liable.

Be considerate to pool side members and over splash.

No playing on bottom of dive well when divers are present.

The use of dive sticks in dive well area will only be permitted ONLY   During non peak hours.

No balls are to be thrown to or from the divers on diving boards when other members are present in water or pool side.


 TODDLER POOL: (1.5 feet deep)

All rules for large pool are applicable in toddler pool area as well. (you know what we mean)

Gate at toddler pool entrance is to remain closed at all times. DO NOT PROP OPEN.

Toddler pool is intended for children five years and under.  Childless Adults please do not lounge in toddler pool.

A parent or guardian must be with the child/children in the toddler pool at all times. No exceptions.

No diving or jumping is permitted in Toddler pool.

Remove all toys, etc. from pool and/or deck when finished.

Contain small toys around pool. Do not go off and leave toys on pool deck, or floating in pool. It prevents safe passage for other toddlers and obstruct water flow to skimmer basket.

Please do not allow children to play in or around skimmer baskets.

Please do not allow children to throw rocks from drain beds into the pool these could damage pipes, laterals or skimmer and pump baskets obstructing water flow.

Food and beverages are not permitted in toddler pool.



Feel free to bring food and beverages for your enjoyment.

No drinks within five feet of either pool.

Food is prohibited inside pool area. Consume food in designated eating areas only.

Prepackaged foods & beverages, fruit snacks and treats are available for purchase.

If you have a spill, please notify staff immediately



​Lightning and thunder are cause for dismissal/removal of all swimmers from the pool area. Members and guests will be directed to immediately exit. Restrooms in pool area will be closed, please gather belongings and exit as quickly as possible. Do not retreat to restrooms. Pool will be locked and closed until further notice. With staff/lifeguard permission, swimmers are permitted to re-enter the pool after a minimum of thirty minutes has passed with the absence of lighting or thunder.

Wet swimmers will not be allowed in club house. We ask members to vacate premises and return home or remain in vehicles until threat ends.

​In the event of strong wind gusts or high winds. please, lower umbrellas returning them to the downward position.


We would like for all of our members to enjoy the benefits of a clean, sanitary pool. We comply with the Center for Disease Control rules and regulations to ensure things continue to run at full capacity and preserve the health and life of our members as well as our swimming pools.

​Diapers or swim pants are prohibited in accordance with local and state health policies.

Please do not change diapers in or around the pool (including on the lounge chairs and picnic tables). Please enjoy use of the changing tables located in shower house. 

In the event of vomiting or fecal matter is present in either pool. NOTIFY STAFF IMMEDIATELY. Pool will be closed immediately, sanitized and reopened 24 hours from incident. No one will be allowed in or around water.

​Swimmers who think they might be sick or are sick should not visit the pool in accordance with local and state health policies. This includes pink eye, nasal/ear infection, diarrhea, etc...

Shower before entering pool to remove any germs and/or debris

​Swimming members and guests (men, women or others not mentioned) with shoulder length hair are required to pull hair up or utilize a swimmers cap. There are complimentary hair ties available. Long hair is a pumps worse nightmare. Help us keep the pool up and running, without prolonged delays and repair time.

​Applying sun products in enclosed areas is forbidden and considered a slip hazard and breathing risk, only apply outside. ( not inside clubhouse, or shower house)

As a safety measure apply all Sun products, lotions away from other guests and furniture. If sun block gets on tables and chairs please remove promptly. 

​Do not apply lotions or sprays while in the pool. Please apply your tanning lotion and/or sun block around ten minutes prior to entering the pool.

Use of towels on all out door furniture is required.

Inability to adhere to Club Woodbridge Rules & Regulations may result in suspension  of privileges or termination of membership.

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