Pool Rules 



1. IN THE EVENT OF AN EMERGENCY If emergency services are needed, dial 911 immediately. There is a service phone located in the grey box the along right side of fence as you walk to restrooms in the pool. Please Notify Life Guard on duty as soon as possible. Everyone must exit the pool.



a. Children (members under 18) MUST be accompanied by an adult at all times. Parents may not leave children unattended at the pool for any amount of time.

b. Chairs: Chairs are available on a first come, first served basis. Members may not reserve chairs for those who are not present. If you leave the premises, please take your belongings and allow another member to utilize the space.

c. Parking: Please park along the road, at an angle to maximize space for others. Please do not pull into the yard beyond the tree line and/or block the walkway/sidewalks. Additional parking is available in front of the tennis courts along the street.

d. Membership Card: Every member will be issued a membership card that will provide access to the pool and tennis courts. Single Memberships will be issued one card, Family Memberships may be issued up to 4 based on the needs of the family. Lost or stolen cards can be replaced at the cost of  $10/each.

e. Change to Hours: Club Woodbridge is available for party rentals and occasionally may close for maintenance. We will communicate via email as well as facebook if we shall ever need to adjust our hours/accessibility to the facilities. Thank you for understanding!



a. Club Woodbridge is family-friendly! Please respect the small eyes and ears of our youngest members. Keep it clean.

b. Members are responsible for all personal items and belongings.


c. Please bring ear buds for listening to personal music. 


d. No profanity.


e. Lewd behavior will not be tolerated under any circumstances (i.e. foul language, nudity, intoxication).


f. Wet swimsuits are not permitted in the Club House at any time.



a. No Running, horse-playing, or rough-housing

b. Leave walkways clear and free of personal items

c. Glass containers are prohibited

d. No climbing on or over the fences



a. All Swimmers swim at their own risk

b. Adults are encouraged to swim with other adults in the event of an emergency c. No diving in water less than five feet deep

d. No hanging or pulling on the rope that divides the shallow and deep end

e. Please do not tamper or play with the hose while water is being added to the pool

f. Remove toys, floats, etc. from pool when no longer in use

g. Do not jump or dive from ladders


6. DIVE WELL/DEEP END (5ft-9ft)

a. Only one swimmer on the diving board at a time

b. Do not hang from the diving board(s)

c. Floats are not permitted in the diving area

d. Ensure the dive well is clear of other swimmers before diving

e. No loitering in the dive well

f. On busy days, swim to the ladder closest to your diving board to ensure swimmer safety

7. KIDDIE POOL (1.5 feet deep)

a. The kiddie pool is intended for children five and under

b. A parent or guardian must be with the child/children at all times

c. No diving or jumping in the kiddie pool

d. Remove toys, etc. from the pool and/or deck when finished



a. Feel free to bring food and beverages for your enjoyment

b. No food or drinks in or in or within five feet of the pool

c. Consume food and beverage in designated areas only

d. Glass containers are not permitted

e. If you have a spill, please notify the guard for clean up


9. INCLEMENT WEATHER- For pool closures, please check your email and www.facebook.com/ClubWoodbridge2

a. Lightning and thunder are cause for dismissal of all swimmers from the pool area

b. High Wind situations requires that the lifeguard remove umbrellas from the upright position in tables, to being stabilized on the ground

c. With lifeguard’s permission, swimmers are permitted to re-enter the pool after a minimum of thirty minutes has passed with the absence of lighting or thunder d. In the event of inclement weather, members are encouraged to wait in their car or return home



We would like for all of our members to enjoy the benefits of a clean, sanitary pool. We comply with the Center for Disease Control rules and regulations to ensure things continue to run at full capacity and preserve the health and life of our members as well as our swimming pools.

a. Shower before entering pool to remove any germs and/or debris

b. If you have long hair, please pull it back while using the pool. There are complimentary hair ties in the ladies shower room. We think long hair is beautiful, but it’s been known to clog our pumps. Help us keep the pool up and running, without delays all summer long!

c. Swimmers who think they might be sick or are sick should not visit the pool. This includes pink eye, nasal/ear infection, diarrhea, etc.

d. Only swim attire is allowed in the pool. The use of street clothes, jean shorts, basketball shorts, t-shirts, etc. are prohibited in the pool.

e. Do not apply lotions or sprays while in the pool. Please apply your tanning lotion and/or sun block around ten minutes prior to entering the pool.

f. Please do not change diapers in or around the pool (including on the lounge chairs and picnic tables). Please enjoy use of the changing table located in the ladies’ shower room. Men are welcome to use the changing table as well—please check with lifeguard and he/she can ensure restroom/showers are free and clear.

g. Diapers are prohibited in the pool. Incontinent swimmers should use swim diapers with appropriate, plastic containing swim pants.

h. No pets in or around pool.

i. No food or drinks while in the pool or within five feet.

j. No Smoking in the pool area. For cigarette butts, there is a canister outside of the pool area, near the back entrance to the clubhouse.

k. Please dispose of your trash.

l. Please do not bring Styrofoam balls or really small items/toys into the pool area, as this could cause permanent damage to the pool pump.

m. Do not manipulate or place objects in the pool jets.

n. No Gum in the pool. o. Inability to adhere to the Club Woodbridge Rules & Regulations may result in suspension or termination of membership